installation shot, In the Presence of Absence

In the Presence of Absence, co-curated by Valeria Mancera and Adriana Wynne

‘The show explores art that’s explicitly born of —and indulges in— catharsis. The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions is the focus of In the Presence of Absence. These works come from a personal place, even if we don’t like talking about it — this exhibition is about exploring that stigma. The show features work by 7 women artists, whose materials vary from rope or fabric to paintings, video and sculpture, which viewers are encouraged to engage with. More specifically, viewers are invited to understand the ambiguity of trauma, and how there is a temporal separation that was once visited by pain.’ - press release, Valeria Mancera and Adriana Wynne

Off Cut I and II